Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

What do you think?

Would any of you be interested if I posted interviews I did of (black) women who are studying abroad, working abroad, or just traveling the world? You could even send me questions you have.

I’l have a bit more free time after finals are done so…LET ME KNOW if you’re interested!!

And if there are other topics you want me to talk about or topics that aren’t covered on other bw-focused blogs, leave me a message in the ASK BOX, s’il vous plait. :)


Live Well!

P.S. If you would like to be interviewed about your experiences abroad (I would plug your blog/site if you have one), leave me a message in the ASK BOX as well!!

Kogi BBQ Run Down from TAOTerri on Vimeo.


Salut! Ça va??! :)

Here are some general sites to get you started that pretty much cover everything travel-related:

Transitions Abroad
Matador Network
Matador Travel
Lonely Planet (Check out their forums!)
Expat Women

Oh and I can’t forget about zeh travel podcasts! I love listening to these podcasts and all of them can be found on iTunes:

Rick Steves (Check out his YouTube channel!)
Katia and Kyliemac (I think they are pretty funny)
Amateur Traveler
Indie Travel Podcast

These are great FREE resources to take advantage of!

Live Well!

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