Please remove the word “snitch” from your vocabulary.

This is in response to some disturbing posts I’ve read from black women on the web who proudly say they refuse to call the police on “their” black men in their neighborhoods when crimes are committed against them or their neighbors.

There is NO black cavalry coming to save you.  

The white dominated police is the last line of defense for AA women and children.  When you refuse to call them, you give the black criminals around a free pass to do as they please.  Contrary to what black male criminals tell you, involving the police is not betrayal. 

I don’t know about you, but I am grateful for the police, especially hearing the stories of women in children who do not have that kind of protection in majority-black nations.  I didn’t say there isn’t corruption within the organization or that there are not cops racist against the black collective, because there is.  But let’s not act dumb.   The OVERWHELMING majority of these cases of harassment and searching involves black men and not black women.  The main reasons you see an increase in black women going to prison are because they are trying to coddle/protect their deadbeat relatives/boyfriends and will go as far as to go behind bars for them.  It has to be said.

Why would you not utilize a resource that too many black women and children around the world don’t have access to?   Some cops are racist.  So are some employers.  So are some colleges/universities.  So are the people who work at your grocery store and shopping center.  Are you going to forfeit your education and stop working because of racism? Have you stopped getting new clothes?  Are you growing your food in your backyard now?  *blank stare*

How is it you have no problem going about your day in the other cases, but when it comes to your safety, YOUR LIFE, you do…nothing?  If the key to your safety, your survival, is dependent on white law enforcement, how can you afford to be anti-police?

worldoflildots said: Hi, I just wanted to make a comment about your previous post where phunkiphace stated:

"...We can't just empower ourselves and leave everyone else in the dust without any making any attempt to help them better themselves. We should encourage not only black women, but other women, as well as black men, as well as men of other races... I mean, shouldn't every one try to contribute to make the world a better place?"

My problem is this; why is it always left up to black people to help make the world a better place for everyone else? People from all over the world have came to America and remained within the conclaves of their own race and culture and have thrived doing so without having to be burdened with the responsibility of lifting up everyone. But when black people want to do something for themselves, to uplift ourselves, we have to bring everyone with us, We have to keep EVERYBODY in mind, not just ourselves and our doors have to be open to everyone despite the many doors that have been closed to us.

I know this doesn't have anything to do directly with the concerns of black women, it was just something I had to get off my chest.

Hi Worldoflildots!!

You said:

"I know this doesn’t have anything to do directly with the concerns of black women, it was just something I had to get off my chest."

Hush woman, of course it does lol!!

This is what most AA bw have been doing FOREVER! They have been told to look out for everyone else BUT themselves. Forget the rest of America, THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN GOING ON WITHIN THE BLACK “COMMUNITY”.

I really hope the black women reading this click this link read if they haven’t already. We need to start asking ourselves, “What’s in it for us? How is this going to help or hurt me?” By “us”, I mean black women. I’m not interested in trying to grab all the photos in the house that’s on fire. My survival (the survival of other link-minded bw and little black girls who can’t defend themselves) is what I’m worried about.

I’m going to be honest and say I do not fault others for exploiting our willingness to give everything. They are doing what I want other bw to do. PUT THEMSELVES FIRST. We have to get to a point where we take accountability for our own actions and set some boundaries. If XYZ group wants my support on ABC cause, I am entitled to ask further questions and consult with me, myself and I. I don’t just blindly ASSUME because I am giving them all of my hard labor, they have my back. That is a dangerous assumption and has not served bw well thus far.

I can understand this going on as a child if this is all you’ve been taught. Once you are older (20s) and working and/or going to school, you have get your head out of the sand and make some decisions. It’s not enough to say, “Oh well this is how I grew up! This is all I know! Woe is us! Poe us!”

I’m telling you, those BWE blogs was like when I would take long hot showers and one of my brothers would sneak into my bathroom and pour a big cup of cold water on me (the little gremlins). It’s a shock to the system. In my situation, it wasn’t a wakeup call as much as it was an affirmation of ALL the feelings I’ve had about what was going on with blacks in America that blacks refused to talk about. I realized I wasn’t crazy. I’m sure their messages were a wake-up call for many, but I knew it all along and couldn’t articulate in the way that they could (Khadija, Hailma, Evia, Faith, etc).

So now that you have gotten that off your chest…What do you think black women should do to prevent themselves for getting exploited, and used? I pose this question to you and everyone else reading this. These don’t need to be long detailed replies, but any suggestions you have. I’m curious to hear from more bw.

As Faith mentioned in her recent blog post, the election is right around the corner. We know the majority of AA’s that were eligible and voted for President Obama were black women. We’ve have the first black president, been there done that.

Now it’s 2011. What are the issues that are important to black women that we want the presidential candidates to address this time around? Hope to hear from you all on any of the questions or topics brought up :)

Thanks for dropping the comment Worldoflildots.

Live Well!

Pan-African Leaders: Did They Fool You?

"Black men have been charting their own paths towards self aggransidenment while black male identified women try to convince other black women that ‘we’ black men and woman, are really on the same path and we only need to be patient and understanding.

If pan africanist women want to be taken seriously they might do well to splinter off from anything to do with black pan africanist men, because then they will make more sense than what is being made at this point with Pan africanism trying to merge love of all things white and light with talk of black uplift. Even a half wit can see something totally odd with that.

Those pan africanist women who think we black women who use our brains and God given judgement are fools and lost and in white supremacist grip, well I throw this one wider and say….. Whose the fool here, Judge for yourselves!”

Read the entire post at DateAWhiteGuy.

(LOVE the comments in this post. Some bw are starting to wake up :)

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