Please remove the word “snitch” from your vocabulary.

This is in response to some disturbing posts I’ve read from black women on the web who proudly say they refuse to call the police on “their” black men in their neighborhoods when crimes are committed against them or their neighbors.

There is NO black cavalry coming to save you.  

The white dominated police is the last line of defense for AA women and children.  When you refuse to call them, you give the black criminals around a free pass to do as they please.  Contrary to what black male criminals tell you, involving the police is not betrayal. 

I don’t know about you, but I am grateful for the police, especially hearing the stories of women in children who do not have that kind of protection in majority-black nations.  I didn’t say there isn’t corruption within the organization or that there are not cops racist against the black collective, because there is.  But let’s not act dumb.   The OVERWHELMING majority of these cases of harassment and searching involves black men and not black women.  The main reasons you see an increase in black women going to prison are because they are trying to coddle/protect their deadbeat relatives/boyfriends and will go as far as to go behind bars for them.  It has to be said.

Why would you not utilize a resource that too many black women and children around the world don’t have access to?   Some cops are racist.  So are some employers.  So are some colleges/universities.  So are the people who work at your grocery store and shopping center.  Are you going to forfeit your education and stop working because of racism? Have you stopped getting new clothes?  Are you growing your food in your backyard now?  *blank stare*

How is it you have no problem going about your day in the other cases, but when it comes to your safety, YOUR LIFE, you do…nothing?  If the key to your safety, your survival, is dependent on white law enforcement, how can you afford to be anti-police?


Don’t you think that if black women stepped up their game, black men would respond appropriately? Black women can play their role in making the black man what he should be, we must never underestimate how we can transform the men by our actions! Black people are depending on black women!

BWE writers have had occasion to put forward the question, why are black women responsible for making grown adult males do what they should be doing without being prompted? Why do black men need to be tempted and cajoled to fulfil a role which is so critical to the survival of their race, if they have not indeed reached a point of total disconnect from the black uplift project.

It is the whole idea that black women have to be responsible for ‘stirring’ up black men and the whole notion of black men having to be cajoled and begged to be part of something that should need no incentive, that says so much about why the black community is in its current state. The fact that we continue to depend on black women to do what needs to be done shows we have, to all intents and purposes, reached an end point with the black uplift project.

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“I see you. I hear you. And what you say matters to me.”

—Oprah Winfrey

“I see you. I hear you. And what you say matters to me.”

Oprah Winfrey

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5th Wave Feminism/Womanism That Works FOR Black Women

One of the main core discrepancies is in how “liberals” view the condition of the black collective – specifically the black male collective. The failure of some white feminists to properly evaluate and acknowledge the way black males have declared war on black women is a huge problem. There are times they have personally benefitted from it. The adoption of the BM as downtrodden and in need of help meme does nothing to address the numerous obstacles black women face. The OOW birth rate, HIV rate, domestic violence and economic upheaval has a lot to do with whom these women chose to partner with. This is focused on hetero relationships while recognizing the variances of orientation and identity. There’s also the unresolved problems of the unreported abuses (rapes by known and unknown assailants, the apathy and excuse-making).

I propose a newly revised Black Women’s Liberation Theory that is strictly female empowerment oriented. It should have nothing to do with discussing the oppression of or uplifting black males as the priority focus. In fact, it recognizes that increasingly black males are now in direct competition with black women for resources from the white male dominated society.

Read entire post at Acts of Faith…

BWE blogs and blogs in the family of BWE are the only ones who really have a focus on championing and defending black women.

At the end of the day, this blog is focused on black women.

I think some of the people who leave me comments in my ask box are confused, so let me clarify a few things :)

I don’t create these posts in order to get bw further entrenched in mammyville. I post so that you recognize the dysfunction you display and/or those around you display and help you realize you haven’t really benefited from it.

A couple of people have been requesting my time so that “we” can understand each others perspectives and work together on putting the community back together. Every bw should know by now that when bm want to “work together” to save the “community”, they really mean bw will work their asses of to salvage something that is beyond repair while they disappear to do something else.

First of all, what community do you speak of? I see a collective of black folks, but no community.

Why is it that people always bring that “let’s take our community back” to bw and bw-related sites? Why aren’t these questions posed to other bm sites? You know..the ones where bm are constantly bashing black women? Why don’t you seek their help keep in keeping the “black community” together? BW have attempted to try and keep the bc together for how many decades with more and more bm sitting on the sidelines. Let’s be clear. Just because bm aren’t attacking you physically or mentally doesn’t make them your ally and it doesn’t mean they will protect you. Protection. That’s another thing a community needs to function and you see very little of it, if any, in black neighborhoods.

What kind of sideline behavior, you ask?

-They don’t report crimes committed by other bm, because of the “no snitching” code.

-They don’t collectively and publicly denouncing the mass amounts of bm who inpregnate bw and up and leave them to fend for themselves and their children.

-They blame feminism and matriarchal society for their shortcomings with bw.

-They invest very little in their own neighborhoods because he never intending on settling there while calling out bw for settling in nicer neighborhoods as stuck up or too good for black folks.

-And the usual wasting resources on sex trips to Brazil, domincan rep, buying cars, motorcycles, rims, gold chains, loud crazy color clothes with expensive sneakers to match then complaining about white folks not wanting to invest in black folks.

-They don’t lift a finger when bw are being attacked in media. We all know about the recent controversy with Psychology Today. I am LAUGHING at all the black women who RUSHED to the defense of rapper Common. Has the favor been returned to you in THIS situation? Where is the mass rush of black men to defend you after this attack?? Where’s Al and Jesse? Where are all the black KANGS who you put on a pedistal? Why haven’t they spoken up yet? How come they haven’t come to your defense? Deep down you know the answers to these questions…

It is nearly impossible to rebuild anything with just the women of that group cooperating. It won’t work and bw have attepted to do it for the past few decades and it HAS NOT WORKED.

At the end of the day, this blog is focused on black women.
Not a “black community” blog.

Not a “save alla people” blog.

Not a “let’s cut bm some slack cause da white man opresses da bm” blog.

If I have to bring up bm in order to stress my point, I will. All the name calling in the world is not going to keep me quiet. And to be clear, it is fine if you disagree with some of my content. I am sure that the people that follow me don’t agree with everything I say and that’s fine. I say, take what you need and leave the rest.

Live Well!

Just Move On.

Make the mental decision to drop all the dead weight. Put down your load. You are NOT the equipment for advancing the race. No more bulldozing and hard labor on behalf of the race.

It is NOT your moral duty and obligation to to uplift and carry the black collective. That is the responsibility of the MEN of that group. Since that is clearly not what the majority of males in the black collective have done, it’s time for you to cut your losses and move on.

AA women are so programmed to “put on our marching shoes” and engage in various types of Sista Soldiering that we resist acknowleging that certain types of problems can’t be fixed with those sorts of methods. Our knee-jerk response is to have mass boycotts, rallies, meetings, and forums to try to talk to sick, conquered AA men/similarly situated Western BM who are anti-Black racists who hate unmixed Black women.

None of this has worked.

I say, MOVE ON. Silently. There really isn’t any need to publicly broadcast it.

Focus on marrying quality men from among the dominant group! DO not waste anymore time whining and talking to bm about their destructive behaviors. It’s such as endless waste of time dialoging with these DBR males. It is a diversion from actually solving the problems facing AA women.

MOVE ON. By moving on, you will change the entire marriage landscape for yourselves.

For the AA women who want to voluntarily remain engaged with poison are free to do so. If they want to stay trapped, that’s their business.

My concern is for those AA women who have the nagging suspicion that mobilizing around fighting damaged AA males is NOT the move, but can’t quite articulate the reasons why not. The activist types among AAs (both genders) have a way of—sometimes inadvertently, and sometimes unwittingly—guilt-tripping other AAs about not wanting to join in whatever activist pet project they’re involved in.


I am a woman first….

I’m a woman FIRST, and I’m black SECOND.

When the the baby comes out of the woman’s womb, the doctor doesn’t name the race of the baby. The doctor says that it’s either a boy or a girl.

That’s how I think nowadays. That’s how I think more bw should think.

Welfare Mentality

I cringe every time I hear an AA’s whine about “the system” knowing that the overwhelming majority of them have not utilized all available tools, resources, innovations, etc, to improve their lives. These AA’s don’t mind paying exorbitant amounts for the symbols of success (all for show) meanwhile investing little to nothing in behavior modification and tools needed to reach real success. That’s what we call having a welfare mentality.

Women & Relationships

The following is a comment I read about bw and the poor choices they make when it comes to staying or leaving a relationship:

Time is a woman’s WORST enemy. Instead of wasting her youth pining and pondering, she need to be getting back in the game!!! No one ever accused non-black women of “jumping from man to man.” I think that in order to live well, most BW will have to flat out ignore 90% of the “advice” they are given, clearly it is meant to sabotage them.

This is why it’s so important for any bw to have someone in her corner giving her advice that will promote and protect HER interests first and foremost just like a hired attorney protects the client’s interest–no matter what. I think SOME bw do need time to reflect in some cases because it would do that woman no good to go from one abusive relationship, for ex. into another and this can easily happen if she can’t figure one out why she’s in the first abusive relationship. So one rule doesn’t fit all situations.

That being said, my grandmother always said that, “As a woman gets older, her chances get fewer,” and I always kept that in mind. A woman should get her parachute ready as soon as it’s fairly certain that the relationship is not going to be fixed or can’t be fixed–just in case. There is no reason why a woman can’t be on the lookout for her next potential relationship, from that very point–IF she wants another one. Of course, she should tell NO ONE.

Another thing is that no woman should beg, nag, threaten, or wait for longer than a reasonable amount of time for a man to marry her. If she’s let him know early on that that’s what she wants and the relationship is going well and if he’s indicated that he wants marriage too, she should EXPECT for him to stick to his word. She should therefore always have a plan B and C in place–just in case he starts thinking he’s going to use up her time and take her presence for granted. Many men of all groups have used women in this way.

**If I’ve let a man know that I want marriage and he’s said that he does too, then he must SHOW me that he’s making concrete plans for the marriage several months prior to it. If not, I’m already halfway out the door. If a man doesn’t uphold his side of the deal, then you owe him nothing. **

You might ask, “Well, don’t you love Man A?” Yes, I might love him like crazy, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to sacrifice myself for a man who’s SHOWING me that he can’t be trusted. That’s foolish. That would pretty much wipe out any love I might have for him anyway. My love for a man is ALWAYS conditional. It depends on how he TREATS me or how he loves me back. Remember that love is a verb. It requires ACTION. In other words, my “walking shoes” are always ready–just in case..”


Why no Self-Respecting Black Woman Should EVER Purchase Carol's Daughter Products EVER!

I’m terribly disappointed that so many of you let Carol’s Daughter engage in a massive display of FOOLISHNESS and did not call them on their crap while I was on blogcation during the month of April.

Now some might think “HATE” is too harsh a term, but we like to make things crystal clear. Some of you like to justify, rationalize and marginalize the systemic assault on Black women around the world. We won’t hold your hand and coddle you so you can remain asleep. You can continue to be DE-LUSIONAL somewhere else.

When someone is an anti-Black woman bigot, we don’t allow you wiggle room to hem and haw about it. Steve Stoute of Carol’s Daughter just lit a cross and placed in on your front lawn. Will you ignore the burning cross on your front law? He might be putting the flowery language of marketing and advertising around that burning cross, but its still there saying “Carol’s Daughters hates Black women.” They love your money… you, not so much.

Generally speaking most brands that create products for a specific demographic, don’t go out of their way to say that their customers are unimportant, unwanted, or obsolete. They may think it, but they will never build a marketing campaign around it.

Behold Carol’s Daughter, a company that built itself targeting Black women’s beauty and their desire to throw their Black women customers under the bus by declaring that Black women are no longer important and no longer exist. NO, I’m not exaggerating.

Continue reading at What About Our Daughters

“I Have No Female Friends”

We’ve all heard it before. Sometimes with regret and a hint of longing, but most often with a sense of pride:

A girl or woman says, “I have no female friends”.

What usually follows is a story detailing how different or better the female friendless-woman is in comparison to others of her gender. Or how she was scorned and rejected by other “catty” women and found solace with the guys.

“I have no female friends” is a method used by women to separate themselves from other women. Whether they’ve been excluded and despised by other women, are unsure of how to relate to them, or simply believe that to be a woman means to be lesser than, the mentality has the same origin: the devaluation of women and femininity.

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Pan-African Leaders: Did They Fool You?

"Black men have been charting their own paths towards self aggransidenment while black male identified women try to convince other black women that ‘we’ black men and woman, are really on the same path and we only need to be patient and understanding.

If pan africanist women want to be taken seriously they might do well to splinter off from anything to do with black pan africanist men, because then they will make more sense than what is being made at this point with Pan africanism trying to merge love of all things white and light with talk of black uplift. Even a half wit can see something totally odd with that.

Those pan africanist women who think we black women who use our brains and God given judgement are fools and lost and in white supremacist grip, well I throw this one wider and say….. Whose the fool here, Judge for yourselves!”

Read the entire post at DateAWhiteGuy.

(LOVE the comments in this post. Some bw are starting to wake up :)

The best thing black women and girls can do to uplift their image is to become their best selves.
It's not necessary to publicly proclaim anything other than the fact that you are living well. ♥

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