How To Study Abroad: Business Majors

One of the biggest challenges students face when making the decision to study abroad is the threat of graduating late as a result of their time abroad. This problem is easily fixed by choosing a study abroad program that is contingent to your major. Business majors have a strenuous workload that focuses on policy, marketing, communication, and management skills. While it may not seem like it at first, studying abroad is actually the perfect way to develop these important skills, and will ultimately allow you to excel in the business world.

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Here are some general sites to get you started that pretty much cover everything travel-related:

Transitions Abroad
Matador Network
Matador Travel
Lonely Planet (Check out their forums!)
Expat Women

Oh and I can’t forget about zeh travel podcasts! I love listening to these podcasts and all of them can be found on iTunes:

Rick Steves (Check out his YouTube channel!)
Katia and Kyliemac (I think they are pretty funny)
Amateur Traveler
Indie Travel Podcast

These are great FREE resources to take advantage of!

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Just another wolverine going abroad: When and how should I start planning?


Start planning ASAP.

The fact is that airfare will continually increase as your trip approaches. The sooner you finalize the dates of your arrival and departure from Europe, the sooner you can purchase your plane tickets.

Planning your study abroad trip has so many variables that you don’t…

Arrghh…I have to start thinking about all of this too. It’s a bit overwhelming, but exciting as well!!

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